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Lord Yaoi KSC :sacred_chao: @Elizafox


Don't be too harsh on the Americans today. Yes, many of them are incoherent babbling angry messes right now on the verge of flying apart.

DST began yesterday and most Americans are not remotely close to what you would call "adjusted." Lots of people who simply haven't gotten enough sleep.

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its a garbage system that im not about and there's no good reason we still do it

@densetsunogomez I fucking hate it too and wish it a swift and speedy demise


but tomorrow I may return to my viscerally brutal attacks on them, yes?

@sydneyfalk Give a grace period of about 72 hours from commencement of DST from everyone to adjust


ah, okay

that seems reasonable, six days out of the year for adjustment



@Elizafox @sydneyfalk

two weeks, it takes about two weeks to adjust according to some studies

@szbalint @Elizafox

...okay, so FOUR WEEKS of the year

and then visceral brutality, right? RIGHT?