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Lord Yaoi KSC :sacred_chao: @Elizafox

I wish there were ways to learn language via immersion without leaving America

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@codl Canada, does that really count as a foreign country for a USian

@Elizafox Dubbed movies (or rather non-dubbed movies) were what helped me learn English the most

@elomatreb that's how I learned French :p subtitles

@wilbr @Elizafox I never tried those, but I also got my basic English in school

I could have learned French (and later Spanish) as well, but I picked Latin for some reason and got super frustrated by that and dropped it :/

@Elizafox in fairness you could probably find an enclave of pretty much any language spoken on earth somewhere in America.

@Elizafox I mean, my Japanese friend is a non-native speaker; (tl;dr: he went on a quest for self and found out he didn't identify with American values - but he found the place for him) he learned Japanese by immersing himself in completely Japanese internet communities except our community and his family (obviously you want to talk to and read from native speakers) and consumed only Japanese media and resources when possible (to gain the mindset, and to prevent atrophy)

I respect what he did!


well "immersion" is relative, just as not everything when you were a child was technically "in English"

so it's possible to build little immersion bubbles for periods of time

I did this myself with my need for "running dialogue" around me, but I think it was too early in my work with Japanese and overwhelmed me

I need to try it again