I don't mean new IE in like "oh rag on the popular one"

I mean as in shit breaks without it, because sites sometimes require Chrome specific bullshit so I have to have this piece of shit installed for the occasional site that won't work

And Google is unilaterally dictating standards by abusing its market position

@Elizafox NaCL was a transparent attempt at ActiveX Part 2 - WebAssembly isn't that much better...

> And Google is unilaterally dictating standards by abusing its market position

so much this - Google is ramming through standards to cause fatigue implementing them for people who aren't google, and for shit that is a security hazard waiting to happen and only good for ChromeOS (cough WebUSB)

@calvin WebAssembly has actual support behind it from browsers besides Chrome. It's actually industry-wide. Even Microsoft backs it.

NaCl is truly evil though and /does/ reinvent ActiveX.

@Elizafox well, true in that WebASM has buy in - I just hate it on a moral level

@Elizafox more "the web is a document platform, you bastards!"

but that fight was lost decades ago, so I'll just continue to be bitter on the web

Chrimbus Kin

@calvin yeah that battle is long since lost; now imo the fight should be "exterminate JavaScript"

if we HAVE to have code on the web, at least make it not js

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