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Lord Yaoi KSC @Elizafox

I need more trashy music with a catchy beat that isn't just pop stuff

lay it on me fediverse

my body is ready

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Body talk is a phenomenal album. If you want just perfect-sounding vocals, the rest doesn't matter. If you want a good album, that's the one to listen to.

@Mainebot I guess hearing Dancing On My Own has tainted my perception (the one song I know)

Scott Calum did it better


Dancing on my own is fine, but I mean really

hang with me
Call your girlfriend
In My Eyes

these are all great tracks.
Hell, the hang with me acoustic version with just her and a piano is gorgeous.

@Elizafox Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation

probably not trashy like you expect, but p. good

@nuhn something that isn't musically great in theory (four chord progression, autotuned to fuck, promoted by sleazeballs) but is subjectively good

@nuhn (or is uptempo when not warranted, like Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2)

@Elizafox no idea if this is useful but for some reason this one has been stuck in my head for days now: