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On the sliding scale of computer users, where one end is "grandma" and the other end is "actually created the hardware," most gamers lie just below "power user".

@djsundog @Elizafox We really do need a more neutral term to refer to "your grandparents who are completely unskilled with technology and can barely launch a web browser" that isn't ageist, ableist, or sexist...

@Elizafox @djsundog One amusing term that my client's former IT lead coined to describe the site's userbase was... "not IBM compatible".

I don't think it really fits for the "everyone instantly knows what is meant by this" factor, though.

"Neophyte" or "luddite" often doesn't fit, either - we're talking about massively unskilled users, but not necessarily new users (and often *BELOW* a new user's skill level), and not necessarily anti-technology, just not understanding it.

@djsundog @Elizafox Although that does remind me that one of my users has literally called computers "tools of Satan".

@bhtooefr @djsundog @Elizafox "clueless?"

if you want to be more contemptful, "inept"

or if you want to sound like steve brule, just say dingus

@bhtooefr @Elizafox feverbrain says that we're missing easy word construction techniques for describing arbitrary states of being that other human languages have better facilities for, something something german

@Elizafox TBQH, I'd say "gamer" is a subset of "power user".

"Power users" tend to fall into two categories, IME:

* Actually an expert at the tools they use for their regular tasks, completely clueless elsewhere
* Dunning-Kruger sufferers that eventually get things working and therefore think they're experts, but only by breaking everything else in their path, come up with completely illogical mythologies for how things work based on that, and then spew them out to other "power users"

@bhtooefr @Elizafox I feel like the mythology part is really important here, people come up with something that explains the symptoms or behavior they're seeing so they stick with it religiously

@bhtooefr @Elizafox hah, non-technical: most skateboarders' skills are likely explained by the latter

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