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Ah apparently there was a talk at FOSDEM talking about how someone tricked the GNU project into supporting RISC-V with their OS.

A world's first, an announcement for a completely virtual compute stack: nonexistent silicon, nonexistent OS, and nonexistent users.

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don't forget the nonexistent applications that will run on it for the nonexistent users


> the discredited hurd, which copies from the discredited mach (good thing it'll never ship anyways)

> a bunch of free software zealots who make design-by-committee hardware that no one wants to buy or use (good thing it'll never ship anyways)

I forsee this will end well

@calvin @Elizafox
They sound pretty sure of themselves.

Like, sure, Hurd has been stagnant for decades & most open-core CPU designs have not gone on to have widespread use. But, it only takes one black swan event to set a fire under enough asses to turn Hurd+Risc-V into the new linux+x86 (because it's sure as hell not technical superiority or suitability for business cases that turned that combo into a juggernaut).

It's not a future I'd look forward to, but it's hardly impossible.

@elizafox Now that's the kind of abstraction the 21st century needs!
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