when i'm god-emperor, I'm replacing all the JSON with XML

@Elizafox I forgot XSLT, XPath, XSL, comments, attributes, and the angry old people who remember Symbolics that call it "a bad reimplementation of S-Expressions"

@calvin none of those things are desirable for anything going over the network in a protocol

and XSLT is awful, so is XPath

then again I'm not an enterprise person and firmly believe enterprises aren't capable of simple

@Elizafox I mean, the instance says "For SharePoint Lovers"

@Elizafox I unironically ran SharePoint at home for years, and now I just let my friend do it on his actual-enterprise HW

@Elizafox it's surprisingly quaint, it's hilariously overkill, and it has the best self-hostable google docs alternative

careful, my friend has Opinions™ on SharePoint if you ask him

@calvin @Elizafox

at work we use it with Office 365,for all its faults, if you are careful not to go down too many rabbitholes with metadata its a useful thing for sharing corporate info (company policies, form templates, minutes of meetings etc) especially for orgs split across sites and remote workers (what was once called an extranet). Once filled with data and appropriate views it can be easy for non tech folk to use. I wouldn't have anything to do with it for fun/hobby projects though!

@calvin like they wanted XML to be easier to implement than SGML then proceeded to reinvent SGML poorly

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