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Lord Yaoi KSC :sacred_chao: @Elizafox

Latin Modern: twin brother of Computer Modern. Not quite as well-travelled as his brother. Very knowledgeable about typesetting, but not quite like his brother. No one is really sure who is older: Latin Modern or Computer Modern. They tend not to talk about it much. Despite being Computer Modern's twin, he has a somewhat distinct way of speaking, in a way that's hard to put your finger on.

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@Elizafox I would say Latin Modern is more well traveled, since he speaks more language, but less well known since he spends his time travelling. Technically father and son, but everyone swears they are identical twins.

@Canageek I'd argue Computer Modern is more well-travelled by association with TeX

@Elizafox Latin Modern is Computer Modern with better kerning and more languages supported, which is where my theory was from. I guess they could be an armchair language geek who teaches themselves languages for fun without travelling.