Chrimbus Kin

Oh dear god I made a hot take generator

Right now it only generates hot takes for products...

The XBox will be awful, and is muchly best in class
The refurbished RC was excellent
The new x86 dildo can't be good, or has to be positively shit
The new Google x86 vibrator has to be shit, or is muchly so-so
The re-released Apple connected ARM was doubly rubbish
The AMD Bravia home theatre will be triply muchly exemplary, and could be doubly positively shit

"The refurbished RC was excellent"


@Elizafox "The XBox will be awful, and is muchly best in class"

This is a great digest version of my opinion on the One, just going to say it

@Elizafox oh please make this a bot thing, omg I would follow and repost so much, yesss

@Elizafox I wrote a thing that generates bureaucratic excuses.

Scientific tests have proven that the particle trade failure is due to catastrophic vertical impairment, and it has been determined that the national nuclear failure is due to controlled health measures.

Scientific tests have proven that the quantum wave instability is due to vertical technical distribution, and it has been determined that the primary health instability is due to gross security abuse.

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