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This is about near the dumbest thing I've ever seen. This smells of MRA crap. What's to stop someone from forcing a woman to accept the smart contract? This thing would never hold water in court.

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@Elizafox also how is it legally binding if it's anonymous? Lol

@animeirl yeah exactly

who the fuck wants to publish who they're fucking on a blockchain anyway

@Elizafox well it doesn't, but that also makes it impossible for you to actually prove who who signed the contract with. This is idiotic on many levels.

@Elizafox plus you need to be able to revoke consent at any time in case one partner steps over a boundary for example

@Elizafox @Canageek wait so if they get bored because you suck in bed you can sue for breach of contract

@Elizafox @Canageek I think I got you and they mixed up because I wasn't looking at the screen but assume it's from the perspective of someone who would actually see legalfling as a valid use of one's development hours

@Elizafox @Cybertrash the one useful part of this I could see would be the rules on disclosure of any images taken or what not. dennis a poster revenge p*** you can sue them into oblivion.

@Elizafox tbh this just smells like someone cashing in on the blockchain hype without much thought. Don't think it has anything to do with any ideology.

That said, its bs x)

people who make shit like this are why consent laws are needed tbh
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