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There is no reason to keep subjects inaccessible, to tell someone who obviously has done some research "to google it", to tell someone to RTFM. It shows that you hold the person in contempt, for virtue of not being skilled. It shows you're an asshole who thinks they're better than everyone else, and the reality is, you prolly ain't shit in the grand scheme of things.

A broken SiriusXM radio blasting NSYNC 24/7 @Elizafox

No one is born knowing C++. No one is known knowing Python. No one is born knowing POSIX API's. Everyone had to learn it, and everyone learns in their own way. And it is healthy to ask others best practises and what to do. The Bank of Learning won't become insolvent from sharing knowledge.

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freenode is like 3/4ths a social thing though. I can sort of understand trying to prevent your shitposting-about-intercal channel from being overrun by people who don't get the jokes, since there isn't much separation.

on channels that are explicitly didactic -- bleh. freenode has a lot of pompous assery thinly veiled as "community support". irc is better suited to shitposting

@Elizafox whatchu talkim bout I was born with a kernel module in my hand