Eliza, big tiddy enbyfriend

>makes joke about how stupid something is

"actually that is stupid" (optionally: and they fixed it)


This reaction makes you look like you're just being fake funny like The New Yorker, and not like you're actually trying to be funny.

There's a reason comedians never say "it's a joke", your audience knows, and you've just insulted their intelligence.

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@Elizafox (i have contracted for tny, but i do not like tny)

@er1n Hah :P yes, TNY's jokes aren't designed to make you think, they're designed to push a POV

@Elizafox I agree that "It was a joke", "just kidding", and so forth should never (have to) be said.

Another reason that comedians don't say that is that if you call yourself a comedian people assume that the things you say are jokes

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