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A Canadian dash cam video consists of a Quebecois man saying "tabanark de criss le traffic que simonaque"

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@Elizafox A New Brunswick dash cam video consists nothing but a Chrysler Intrepid with mismatched body panels tailgating a 2019 Ram 2500 Crew Cab Laramie

@calvin what's an Ontario one consist of? Some driver on the 401 going "could we not?"

@Elizafox @calvin

"lets make a Timmies run at midnight at 200 km/h on the 401"

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@Elizafox @calvin alternatively: launching over the nipigon bridge that collapsed a few years ago severing the trans-canada highway in two, and with it, the country

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Georgia dash cam video: being tailgated by a pickup truck while driving 70 on a twisty 2-lane backroad signed for 45 MPH

@Elizafox btw we don't know how to merge, signal, or pass

we can't drive, really

@calvin @Elizafox nobody in michigan knows how to merge either, and apparently sometime between the end of the winter and the beginning of the next winter we forget how to drive in snow

@balrogboogie @calvin @Elizafox British drivers also mostly struggle with the concept of merging but at least they're more polite about letting people out of side roads than Germans

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