@Elizafox @er1n

"With all due respect, to Massacre a song is beyond plagiarism. It is intellectual destruction. And shame on YouTube to allow this type of bullshit is a bad reflection to the integrity of intellectual property"

@er1n @Elizafox this person makes me want to go annoy him more. that's a terrible reflex.

@Trev @er1n Reading into this thread

Good lord

It only makes me want to put bedbugs in his sheets or something

@er1n @Trev

"That's like saying it's ok for the food companies to put shit in our food. Why dont you just write something original with true art form in mind. Ya you got hits I can see that but it's got nothing to do with monetary gain. Try doing what you're doing with Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Actually what's the problem with selling WONTONS WITH COW SHIT STUFFING AND PIG URINE SAUCE as long as you properly label it?

@Trev @Elizafox @er1n To be fair, you need a really high IQ to understand Toto...

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