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Wikimedia Foundation raised $91 million for FY 2017. Expenses: $69 million.

So why are they begging me to donate?

(Cite: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia)

Also FY 2018 ends in June for Wikimedia so /why/ are they begging for donations /now/.

@Elizafox primary knowledge: neutral human knowledge

secondary goal: jimbo's crypto-boating hobby

omega goal: make mediawiki less shitty

@Elizafox because if you're running any kind of operation where outgoings and finances are even & theres no contingency stockpile, you're fucked if anything goes wrong :P

@jessiscah24 How does an operation run on volunteer labour need this much money

What purpose does it serve

Hosting is nowhere near this $69 million total. Cite: I used to work in hosting.

@jessiscah24 I've read them obviously, I even cited an audit.

I still don't understand why they have operating expenses higher than many medium-sized businesses or require such huge cash reserves.

@jessiscah24 If they are worried about donations falling off, shouldn't that be more incentive to run a lean operation that leans more on volunteer efforts (you know, the wiki ethos) whenever possible? I'm not saying have no employees, what I am saying is I question the need for hundreds of employees.

@Elizafox i don't agree with them painting things as desperate in the fundraising, but i dont see why theres a need for them to run bare bones, not expand into other causes etc?

@jessiscah24 They haven't expanded into other causes. That's the thing. I wouldn't have a problem if they did, and would understand in fact. But the core mission hasn't changed, and page views have in fact /fallen/ somewhat YOY so why do they need /more/ money?

@Elizafox @jessiscah24 hosting in their last financial report looks to be about $2.1M. Biggest total expense looks like their wages and salaries at $33M.

I'm sure it could be a lot leaner.

@mike @jessiscah24 They also do the whole Wikimedia chapter things, which those have been plagued with issues of logrolling and self-dealing for years... but are beyond the scope of the audit because they're not part of WMF.

@jessiscah24 @mike Even still, why do they act desperate? That seems completely unethical.

Most non-profits have fundraising goals and are very transparent about if they've reached it.

I /run/ a non-profit.

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