@Sargoth This reminds me of those arguments of "don't look at if we're turning a profit, look at if we're cash-flow positive"

@Sargoth The argument of "well 2% of people are making a living and therefore this is great" is like saying "well we're not even close to profitable but hey, we're not gushing tons of money, that's great innit?"

@Elizafox that's his point

it has always been way more profitable to get a job that to create things. if the goal is money maximization, then flipping burgs wins over making music 98% of the time

the amount people making a living off of making art is statistically insignificant. it becomes strange to hold this up as a benchmark for success

@Sargoth Benchmark for success, no.

But real people need to make a living, and the fact there is not enough patronage of the arts to go around is disturbing, when a lot of other support is given to more useless endeavours such as bureaucracy.


@Sargoth Basically my point is, only 2% of artists are considered worth enough of a damn on patreon to be successful, and the rest have to fight for scraps. This is ridiculous.

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