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@sydneyfalk @Elizafox @funbreaker This could actually make a fun text-only multiplayer game... OK, as soon as I can wrap my head around using streaming I'll take a crack at it!

@vgan @Elizafox @funbreaker

I thought they meant a bot that just says Carmen stole stuff, that's what I meant

@sydneyfalk @Elizafox @funbreaker Hahaha, ok, well that would be a lot easier to get going :)

@funbreaker @Elizafox @sydneyfalk

OK, here's a start... I need to add more stuff for her to steal though.

@vgan @funbreaker @Elizafox @carmensandiego

I did this out of sheer random and now it's a bot

:sydneythink: holy shit I'm living in THE FUTURE™️ 😍

(thank you so much)