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A broken SiriusXM radio blasting NSYNC 24/7 @Elizafox

BTC being valued at $16k doesn't make it a good currency, but it's sure a great pump and dump instrument.

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@KitRedgrave @Elizafox and it dropped $4000 earlier today... and it's back.

@thegibson @KitRedgrave @Elizafox I just watched it dip 25%, then rise 3%. It's settled about $14k.

@Elizafox Steam stopped using BTC as a payment option, due to the fact that it is impossible to gauge how much to refund

a good currency it ain't

@Elizafox deflation inhibits the very definition of currency, but on the other hand, to serve a global economy it needs a market cap in the trillions. It's important to keep this in mind when estimating how much it "should be" worth. People are complaining more now that it's pushing $20k than when it was pushing $2k,but the decimal is placed fairly arbitrarily.

@rook It's important to consider what that capitalisation is coming from, though. If it's coming from speculation, it's not useful as a currency — it's simply a bubble, because payments made in the currency do not have guaranteed consistent value.

A lot of companies don't accept bitcoin because it's impossible to determine refund value.

@Elizafox no argument there, but I think speculation only counts for a few of the orders of magnitude we're seeing. I bet we'd be seeing a very different picture if the original decimal was placed much farther to the left, with correspondingly larger mining rewards, or more frequent ones.

@rook I doubt it. Acceptance of bitcoin is relatively low. That makes its value as a currency relatively limited. It stands to reason the primary uses are likely inter-personal transactions to be cashed back out in real currency, or speculation.

@Elizafox you seem to be overlooking the black market uses that predated the vast majority of speculation. Not saying the black market is good, but it proved bitcoin's utility as a currency up to about two orders of magnitude since dollar parity, or 5 orders since the first markets showed up early on.

Either way, we're only about 2 orders of magnitude beyond that. So it's really not that bad in absolute terms.

Volatility is a problem though, but not an inherent one.