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@Elizafox I remember some of these laserjets could display custom messages if you send the correct escape codes (they even worked on LAN connected printers) and you could have fun with that (although last time I encountered them I was in Government service and too wary of getting in trouble to exploit this further, which was a shame as it was a 6 floor building where you could have had a *lot* of fun...)

@Elizafox What the he'll is PC LOAD LETTER ANYWAYS!?!?!

@thegibson @Elizafox

it's when a player character loads the letter, not a non player character


@troubleMoney fun fact: that used to happen with certain types of very ancient printer (not drum ones tho)

@Elizafox @troubleMoney

really good printer drivers have the option of setting the printer on fire via instruction

sadly it's not industry standard but give it time

@Elizafox @troubleMoney correction, Talking Heads - Love → lp0 on Fire

[as written officially]