Expectation: Internet can survive nuclear strike
Reality: cut a fibre and entire websites go dark for hours

@Elizafox There was a map in a museum I went to. One 5 MT nuke set off in Ottawa would take out most of the electronics in North America.

@Canageek Detonate something above North America at high altitude and yes, most electronics not shielded will be fried.

@bea @Elizafox Ottawa is also a pretty poor target for that. way off at the top left. Whatever you call the middle bit of the US would be a better target.

@Canageek @bea Geographical center of North America is a better bet, which happens to lie over North Dakota.

@Elizafox @bea RIGHT! That is where the farm that kept getting harassed by people due to a GeoIP company listing it as the location of any IP that they couldn't resolve further then America is.

Count Ero Guro KSC (purity: 8%) :sacred_chao:

@Canageek @bea Yup.

I do recall though that detonating over the Canadian Shield might be more ideal or something because of the geography? I don't remember.

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