Honestly I think buckling spring keyboards are so good I wish they were more... idk, appealing to the mass market, they're not known for their fancy aesthetics or discrete switch design.

Also wish they'd make buckling spring with capacitive switches like the old school Model F's.

Don't get me wrong, the membrane-based switches are great, and have the property that you can still buy new ones and not gamble on old stock, but still, nothing compares to the old capacitive ones.


Like you can't get a light-up Unicomp keyboard (imo a feature because it feels gimmicky to me), which is a non-starter for a lot of people.

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If they made a discrete switch design (one not coupled to the keyboard) that would be cool, but it would also be quite the engineering challenge since I think the switches would have to be big and it would take a shit ton of work to get similar feel.

@a_breakin_glass That doesn't bug me a whole lot, honestly. The older Model F's had full N-key rollover, but they were capacitive and not membrane-based. Wish they'd bring that shit back. It was the bomb.

@a_breakin_glass not for the N-key rollover aspect, but because they felt even better than the Model M's.

@a_breakin_glass They're not common, and only one manufacturer makes them in the entire world... and they're /not/ cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

@Elizafox I thought of lighted keyboards as a luxury until I ended up with one entirely by accident, and discovered how useful it is for typing in the dark.

I mean, I guess it's still a bit of a luxury, but it's not just shinyness; it's actually very useful.

@Elizafox I had to look up "battleship keyboard" to find out what it refers to, and.... it means any keyboard with a full set of keys?

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