Despite my jovial posts I gotta have some real talk here.

The federation's getting big. Some people call it the "OStatus federation" but let's be honest, GNU Social is a tiny component in what is becoming dominated by Mastodon.

There are going to be shitheads and shitheaded instances.

We as a community have to set our own standards locally and we cannot impose our standards on others without their consent.

Up until this point we were all voluntarily following the rules.

If you want to follow those rules, fine.

But you now have choices to make about who to federate with. You always had choices but now you are being forced to make them.

They're not necessarily easy choices. Doing what is "right" is subjective. I can't tell you what to do. I can't tell you what to do because /I/ don't know what to do.

Obviously "block illegal content" is up there on the list but whatever else you do is up to you now.

The road ahead is going to be bumpy. We're in uncharted waters and the seas are about to get rough.

The bottom line is if an instance isn't complying with what you consider "acceptable" you have to make the hard decision of whether or not to silence/suspend them or not.

You have to decide if you're gonna silence/suspend remote users from your instance or not.

If you think you're in over your head, move to another instance.

I've been an IRC op for 10 years. I'm ready.

Honestly experience with IRC tells me this:

There's probably going to be lots of abuse. We've been LUCKY so far not to have as much as we've had.

There's gonna be bullshit and at times we might be in over our heads and we gotta take a step back.

It doesn't make it less enjoyable but it is a task you have to deal with.

It's 90% fun and 10% bullshit in my experience.

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