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1000%!! I USED TO GIVE A FUCK :pansexual_flag: @Elizafox

There are more people using Mastodon today than any IRC network. Just think about /that/ one.

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I have the facts to back it up


Look for yourself. Trust me, there's no "big networks" in hiding besides Freenode. And that's 80k users. Mastodon has about 130k as of this writing.

@Elizafox that #fact is amazing! It's incredible it's surpassed the total number of #IRC users in a very short time.

@Elizafox Do you mind if I post this to Twitter? Trying to convince people to leave the site, and this is great motivation. 🙂

@Elizafox To have created an account on a Mastodon instance doesn't mean "using Mastodon": could be five minutes to see how the software works, say hello and leave. We need metrics to define an active user like a threshold of posts for example.

@Elizafox there are still people on IRC nets? :grin:

@Elizafox There are more people using Mastodon today than any single IRC network. I don't think this is relevant, as IRC client links the user to several instances, while the mastodon server has to do it. I won't switch the internal IRC of my company into a mastodon instance, it has an other purpose and is meant to be isolated from internet. (An internal mastodon instance could be useful (or just fun ?) too, anyway)


Stats? I don't think that's true if compared to all IRC instances. Not just major servers like rizon and freenode.