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A broken SiriusXM radio blasting NSYNC 24/7 @Elizafox

Interesting how those sovereign citizen lunatics are helping spread this crap.


@Elizafox Maybe they want to finally feel like they're capable of doing something other than ranting on shortwave radio at night?


well, it makes sense :\ they'd be more comfortable with the Big Daddy Hand of fash, so antifa is disturbing to them in a way that "just the government" isn't

partly a "devil you know" and partly a "but authority must reign" thing, and all wrapped in a punishment mentality

@Elizafox its clear to me that "Antifa" have become The Boogeyman. They are obviously Communists, or Backed By Communists. They are the Enemy Of America.

or some such turd

@pnathan well Antifa was originally ancoms and they would strongly prefer it stay that way but its spread well beyond them to other parts of the left at this point, to mutualists and such

@Elizafox perceptions, reality, etc.

I just shake my head and tell people "so consider what pro fascist is?" Leftist divisions are like heavy metal genres afaict.

Not too strange when you think about the overlap between them and white nationalists who are actively agitating toward civil/race war