Next time you see an apple apologist, give them this bingo card.

"I really like BSD but wanted something that had MACH style IPC without sacrificing a goat to the microkernel gods."

@Irick that's the nerdiest nerd shit reason ever

also XNU blows and is a perversion of the original mach design

@Elizafox Ideas for later:
• Smartphones wouldn't exist if it weren't for the iPhone
• They are a good for the open source community

@Elizafox Oh, and:
• The Apple Watch is the only good smart watch (which I do not believe, but I haven't used any, so…)

@impiaaa * XNU is an innovative kernel design
* macOS is the last real commercial Unix worth using
* it's Unix without X11
* WebKit
* they've contributed code to FreeBSD (the story on that btw is much more... complicated)
* Darwin is open-source! (ignoring the fact if you try to use it you get C&D'd)

@Elizafox Yeah, WebKit, CUPS, and LLVM were what I was referring to with the open source contributions. Don't really care too much about or haven't learned about the others.

@impiaaa @Elizafox There is no reason to own a smart watch (posted from my Apple Watch)

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