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🎶 if you have a racist friend

now is the time, now is the time, for your, friendship to end

be it your best friend, or any other

is it your husband or your father or your mother?

tell them to change their views

or change their friends

now is the time, now is the time, for your friendship to end 🎶


"Can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding." -- TMBG

@Elizafox I have to disagree. Many people have some dose of racism, but turn away from it with exposure to the other race. It is never zero. Hence you can't end friendships so flippantly. If you isolate the moderate racist, they will radicalize...

@Bigkafka Because one person can change someone's racist views right /s

@Elizafox certainly not one, but many. Hence if you all pull out, and all the racist has are racist buddies, the problem is amplified