Discord fucking sucks. Is it too much to ask to have a functional client on Linux? It crashes repeatedly when joining a call. Deleted my Discord account out of disgust.

That was the shortest experiment ever.

P.S. "works for me" is basically the online equivalent of giving someone the finger so... idc.

Telegram got this right. Telegram! Fucks sake.

And no "use the web client" isn't an option as I have too much bg noise here and I need ptt, which btw, doesn't work properly in the web client unless it has focus.

I'm not sure what I expected from a service that billed itself as "chat for gamers" until they had to add an air of respectability to it. "A functional client for Linux that doesn't cause you to join and drop out of a call repeatedly" is probably not even on the list.

Yeah that's the best part, it then restarts itself after it crashes, and being intelligent, decides "okay let's rejoin the call, the thing that just crashed your shit." You can imagine how people in the chat like that.

Given the Discord client is a mystery meat blob of Electron, I'm not going to waste my time on debugging a basic thing that shouldn't be broken in the first place. I'm sure it's a permissions problem, but fuck if I'm running any electron app as fucking root to find out.

Nobody I care about uses discord anyway, or I have other means to communicate. So whatever.

@Elizafox electron is amazing well-written software with no flaws at all

Valve's glorified package manager slash AIM clone somehow manages to: ① keep my screen active even when i force-dpms-off it (known bug, unfixed for over 3 years) ② have audio crackling on *every notification sound* ③ break the OS's standard IME on text boxes

@flussence @Elizafox wait, the audio crackling wasn't due to my VM software when I was testing Steam on Linux?

@Elizafox I think the fact that Linux users *still* can't stream with audio years later makes it obvious they don't care even the slightest

Hell I remember one of the updates completely broke the debian package they force you to download on update, just making the entire thing unusable for a bit

@Elizafox there is custom client by the way. It's better in some ways and worse in other. Called ripcord.
@Elizafox (of course that doesn't make Discord any better just so you know)
@a1batross @Elizafox I'm guessing a functional Linux client will be less likely if Discord ends up getting bought by Microsoft.
@seanking @Elizafox :akko_shrug:

I don't really care about the fate of Discord. It had good ideas, it's time to move on.
@a1batross @Elizafox Yeah. Hopefully, someone will come with something similar that's open-source and much better in the near future.


you could "test" it? (in the sense you installed it out of your own will)
thank your god your family/friends don't use Discord lol

@Elizafox somehow they managed to make an HTML and JavaScript based application ONLY crash on Linux

@Elizafox the only time I've gotten it to work for me is by uninstalling pulseaudio and running it through apulse instead

@Elizafox I wish Matrix made it easier to join a group. They put up a huge fucking barrier to anybody joining for the first time, but once you're in, it's very good.

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