@Elizafox ’tis a good post. I hope enough people read it and start an actual conversation about where to take Masto/Fedi — assuming it can be taken anywhere other than an active volcano, anyway.

I admit that I’m more of an occasional shitposter around here. But Masto has some good ideas in it (CWs, per-post privacy settings). I’d hate to see those die with Masto/Fedi. That said: If Masto/Fedi can’t fix its issues, maybe they need to die.

@Elizafox *nodnods* I've seen a lot of this myself.

I post unlisted instead of public most of the time, this is a big part of why. And I suspect we're only comfortable here because we only really engage with our friends and don't poke our snoots into the federated timeline much. >,,>

how bad things really are 

@Elizafox I haven't felt safe on fedi for a year, basically.

The pendulum shift in the Too Online crowd from scary libertarian to scary tankie has been a sight to behold.

I have had people tell me to my face that I should not be allowed to speak online because I own stock. Legit. That's it.

I have had people tell me to my face that they hope I go bankrupt because I don't support the software they do.

Fedi is scary af and it might be better for society if it goes (⬇️)

how bad things really are 

@Elizafox because it will, hopefully, God willing, be replaced with something better that learns lessons from it.

Oh no, I invoked the fact I'm religious, can't wait to see what crazy atheist fedi says about that. One tried to dox me once. Thankfully they only got my outdated FL info!

how bad things really are 

@Elizafox so in conclusion: I am posting for the first time in a year, not really hopeful things are better. I've seen the federated TL too much to know they have only became worse.

I post in eulogy for what fedi used to be, and for what I hoped it could become.

how bad things really are 

@awilfox As an atheist who learned his lesson about shittalking religious people on Fedi: God, some of us can be a bunch of assholes.

how bad things really are 

@Stephen_Stone genuinely, thank you for acknowledging you made mistakes in the past, and that you were able to grow.

It's especially silly because some of my best and most enduring friendships are with atheists. We agree to disagree on religion, and everything else is fine.

I hope more can learn tolerance. 🕊☮️

@Elizafox This post sucks because it's true.

And it's going to piss off a whole lot of people whose career in social media graft relies on keeping their followers in a perpetual state of emergency so they can't correlate events beyond a few days old.

But maybe it'll make people realise that, hey, this one crowd that are the Main Characters in every week's drama keep behaving in ways that slot neatly into the kf-shaped hole (remember when we were supposed to all be scared of *that* coming to fedi?)


@Elizafox oh... just joined now a rotten network?

@Elizafox I broadly agree with your points on here. I think the bit about not developing it's own culture and people treating it as the Twitter extended universe is spot on. And it is tiring as hell listening to people rave about police abolition for the thousandth time.

I think the internet as a useful communal space is dying and nothing can bring it back. I'll go into more depth on this tomorrow when I'm in front of a computer. (this is one of the reasons: smart phones have permanently lowered the quality of discourse.)

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