Basically Twitter is trying to push 45 and Q through the backdoor

Amazing. I hate it.

I hope people don't fall for this nonsense and federate with Twitter. Trust not their gifts nor admit their horse, etc.

Let me make it clear to mst3k users:

As long as I have a single fragment of life in my body and mst3k exists I will never allow Twitter to federate with us. I do not care how popular it is. If you want Twitter, you know where to find it.

It is a matter of principle.

And to everyone else: this is not decentralisation winning. This is Twitter's attempt to kill fedi (if Twitter federates, what reason is there to use another instance?) and allow far-right douchebags on the platform through the backdoor all at once.

@Elizafox I mean, there are still other reasons -- like, wanting to actually know your sysop... or, say, Twitter suspends you for complaining about abuse... but yeah, blocking Twitter is not a loss for fedi.


@woozle not to mention huge bandwidth and storage costs of their media

nobody can hope to pay our s3 bill if we had to cache Twitter's media

@Elizafox Wouldn't that only apply to accounts that were being followed from your site, or posts that got viewed by your users? (I'm honestly a bit unclear how those processes work.)

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