Basically Twitter is trying to push 45 and Q through the backdoor

Amazing. I hate it.

I hope people don't fall for this nonsense and federate with Twitter. Trust not their gifts nor admit their horse, etc.


Let me make it clear to mst3k users:

As long as I have a single fragment of life in my body and mst3k exists I will never allow Twitter to federate with us. I do not care how popular it is. If you want Twitter, you know where to find it.

It is a matter of principle.

And to everyone else: this is not decentralisation winning. This is Twitter's attempt to kill fedi (if Twitter federates, what reason is there to use another instance?) and allow far-right douchebags on the platform through the backdoor all at once.

@Elizafox ...huh I never thought of it like that, for me it'd be "if Twitter federates, what reason is there to be on Twitter when we can be safer on another instance and still see people".

@Elizafox I mean, there are still other reasons -- like, wanting to actually know your sysop... or, say, Twitter suspends you for complaining about abuse... but yeah, blocking Twitter is not a loss for fedi.

@woozle not to mention huge bandwidth and storage costs of their media

nobody can hope to pay our s3 bill if we had to cache Twitter's media

@Elizafox Wouldn't that only apply to accounts that were being followed from your site, or posts that got viewed by your users? (I'm honestly a bit unclear how those processes work.)

@Elizafox I hope they roll their own solution rather than adopting ActivityPub, because that kind of potential situation reminds me a lot of how Google practically stalled XMPP development for years with Gtalk.

They joined the network, but then just ignored their service and never joined any community discussions, which stopped everyone else from making changes because nobody was prepared to "break" federation with the biggest bloc of users.

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