God I'm so god damn sorry, I'm tired of begging and I hate hate hate hate hate hate this beyond measure and I feel ashamed, but the unemployment commission hasn't paid me in what is now 35 days and counting, for... indiscernible reasons no one can tell me at that damned office, they even said there should be no hold up.

I have enough for rent, getting a new/repaired tire for the car (got punctured in a local work zone by some shit in the road), and nothing else.

If it isn't fixed in the next few days, I am going to try to go to the next claims event this week in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I *cannot* do that on a spare tire, and it's 200 miles away. This is the only way I can talk to a flesh and blood human being that I know of.

Hopefully I only have to stick it out a little longer...

Please help us?

Oh good god it's worse than I thought

I'm going to have to make two trips to Ardmore 🤮

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I prefer to never go to Ardmore actually but, they're forcing my hand

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don't worry about begging. don't feel bad about it. it doesn't make you a bad person.

being Jeff Bezos makes you a bad person. are you Jeff Bezos?

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