authoritarian socialism sucks ass 

If you're a leftist of any kind and support authoritarian socialism you are supporting the same power structures that keep people in a state of constant oppression, except it pacifies the majority of the population with universal food and housing... in theory at least.

It's been shown time and again authoritarian "socialism" enriches the top and keeps the bottom no better off than before. Which is no different than what we have now, socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor.

And it's been shown authortiarians of any sort are usually pretty fucking racist or at least bigoted in one way or another. After all, authoritarianism requires people to be on the bottom to obey and someone to be on top to command, and the only way you can justify that is by believing some group has a special quality that makes them fit for leadership over the ones who don't.

Do yourself a favour: toss authoritarian socialists in the bin. That's where they belong.

authoritarian socialism sucks ass 

One could argue "but it feeds the people and gives them medical care and a place to live and a job to do" but I counter with this:

There is more to the human condition than any of those things. Even the US government (mostly, although only for the working poorest of the poor) does those things. What is the point in someone who gives you food if they attach stipulations of obedience and slavery to the state to it?

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re: authoritarian socialism sucks ass 

>unironically believing "socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor."
please read theory. I beg you.

re: authoritarian socialism sucks ass 

@kaikatsu It's more of an allegory than anything else

the wealthy get bailed out or often given free money outright, the bottom get a pittance to look the other way

re: authoritarian socialism sucks ass 

@Elizafox what's sucks even more to me is the sheer number of white/western leftists (tankies) who fervently support regimes that implement that...
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