Since English puts the plural on the noun and not the adjective, and the "pro" / "mini" in "iPad pro" or "iPad mini" are adjectives, I posit that the correct plural for "iPad pro" is "iPads pro" and likewise for "iPads mini"

In fact I go further and say all such named devices follow this rule, like "One Laptops Per Child"

by this rule also "Samsung Galaxies S10" and "Walmarts Supercenter"

@Elizafox elly you're tiptoeing dangerously close into linguistic prescriptivism and that's scaring me

@cdmnky multiple prescriptions for language are linguistics prescriptivism fight me

@Elizafox links the commune college episode on the history of english

@Elizafox I would counter that these two aren't adjectives! :wolf_pixel_dual:

@Elizafox *blinks* huh? Huh. I've only ever heard of the Supercenters. :3

@IceWolf we got em here in Tulsa but that may be because we're like two hours from the Walmart epicenter in Bentonville AR

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