tired: AuthenticAMD
inspired: CounterfeitAMD

@Elizafox expired: CyrixInstead fired: CyrixInbed

(I don’t even know)

@Elizafox also AMD should’ve made the CPUID vendor for the Ryzen chips RyzeRyzeRyze

a joke approximately six people would’ve gotten, would have definitely broken compatibility (IIRC, 64-bit Windows won’t even boot if vendor isn’t either GenuineIntel, AuthenticAMD, or CentaurHauls), and someone (DM&P? SiS?) would’ve sued them for, but still would’ve been worth it

@tk @Elizafox VIA Nano/QuadCore is a 64-bit Centaur-designed CPU

@bhtooefr @Elizafox That's true. I even have a box with a VIA Nano, but it runs like shit.

@tk @Elizafox also a C7 has all the right CPU flags to boot 32-bit Win10, it should work, and any of the UniChrome9 or newer IGPs should have driver support under Win10

(that should is emphasized for a reason, especially the second one, I’ve had lots of issues with Win7 graphics drivers on Win10, but it on paper should work, and a 1 GHz C7/Eden with a VX855 should be the slowest existing machine that meets all of Win10’s stated minimum requirements… and a lot of thin clients had that exact config)

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