masto software gripes 

Really hate how the rationale for so many masto dev things is basically "a hypothetical bogeyman"

no quote boosts because "they could be used for abuse"

no editing posts because some asshat could rewrite a post and omg you might favourite something BAD!!! like this is an actual problem... you just block them and move on

search didn't get implemented for ages because "omg people could use it for harassment" (has that really come to pass? or have we just learned to deal with it the way we should have all along, with blocking the person/instance?)

the bogeyman doesn't exist, y'all

not implementing features to stop abuse isn't helpful, and doesn't stop abusive behaviour or even reduce it

blocking does.

masto software gripes 

@Elizafox if you don't implement search, someone else will write a crawler and implement search for you.

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