@Elizafox yeah thats the right way.

Its ok to borrow neat little grammatical quirks or phonemes but just ripping off a whole language is lazy and uninteresting

Unless it's Ancient Sumerian; in that case count me the fuck in.

@rick_777 @Elizafox if you can reconstruct ancient Sumerian that would be sick af

I downloaded a sumerian dictionary a couple of years ago. It had as many holes as a swiss cheese.

@Elizafox David J Petersen is amazing

Guy even made an attempt at a sign language phonetic alphabet so language constructors would stop ignoring sign languages so much

@Elizafox I say attempt because sign language can't easily be described with written text like spoken languages can

@norikawa @Elizafox For people who might be interested in conlangers like Petersen, here's a long interview with him that I enjoyed:


@cstanhope @Elizafox he's also got a youtube channel where he regularly posts things like streams of him working on languages! youtube.com/channel/UCgJSf-fmd

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