our opinion re gender 

Gender is one of those things that's like a weird social construct and it exists because we agree it exists

Like all social constructs, it's free for you to ignore, if it suits you better. Unlike most social constructs, the consequences for doing so are meaningless.

If you feel like your gender locks you in a jail cell of ways of dressing, behaving, etc. because society told you that's how people of that gender present, ignore it. You have that right. Just do what the fuck you want to, as long as it's safe to do so.

re: our opinion re gender 

Gender is unfortunately an opt-out system, but you are more than welcome to opt-out if you so please. Who the fuck is gonna stop you? Nobody. Who the fuck is gonna tell you that you can't, that you have to choose? Assholes who don't matter, that's who.

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