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Here is the current absurdity of whats going on in transfem HRT subreddits:

Transfem A: Transfem people who take progesterone often report that it increases that it increases their sex drive, but here is a ton of studies on cis women and cis men taking progestins that show it either doesn't increase sex drive or lowers it. Therefore in conclusion it likely lowers sex drive "for all humans".

Doctor who prescribes progesterone: I have found it does help increase libido for patients

transfem hrt 

Transfem A: You don't have any studies to back up your claims.

Doctor: I treat hundreds and hundreds of transfem patients and its consistent.

Transfem A: It's likely just a placebo effect.

Lots of Transfem People: We're now going to tell everyone to stop taking Progesterone.

Me: Did progesterone increase your sex drive?

Transfem A: Yes, it did increase my sex drive but my experiences are subjective and its likely a placebo effect.

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*sound of me slowly slamming my head into a table*

transfem hrt 

Doctor gets downvoted.
Transfem A gets upvoted.

All new posts by trans people asking about progesterone are met by others stating that it lowers sex drive, even though most transfem patients report it raises it or had a neutral effect. Anyone who tries to refute these claims are directed to Transfem A's post.

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im gonna go scream into a pillow for a while. this is a nightmare and its going to take forever to undo.

transfem hrt 

having taken a day off from the internet after this nonsense thats been brewing for the last two weeks, ive looked at the evidence and what the anti-prog group are believing and it is pretty much nothing short of a miracle.

The belief is that progesterone actually lowers sex drive, but transfem people will it into increasing their sex drive through the power of their placeboed minds.

Which if thats true, would be the most magical ability ive ever heard of. Well done horny girls


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@mxsiege it's dependent on the person

anecdotally speaking at least

for us it slightly reduced it

it made our wife ridiculously horny



transfem hrt 

@Elizafox yes, it is definitely dependant. There's a lot of factors involved i feel, whether its taken orally or rectally, and how much affect it mhad on the body's T production. Though percentage wise more people do report it to increase sex drive.

transfem hrt 

@Elizafox Also it seems to be that a third of women are genetically predisposed to get bad PMS from allopregnanolone so a good chunk of people react badly to it orally.

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