meta, racism 

there's nothing white people can add to discourse about racism

this was something we had to realise a long time ago

so shut up and listen to POC

especially the shut up part

they are the ones who should speak on racism, not white folks

you can't add anything to this discussion because it's not yours, you aren't affected to be honest, /they/ are

you might mean well but you're not helping

meta, racism 

best things white people can do:

1) listen

2) tell other white people to listen

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meta, racism 

It isn't an easy thing for white people to be told "you're not the victim here," because a lot of people want to have sympathy and solidarity.

Sympathy and solidarity are fine but be mindful you are not experiencing any of this directly.

They are.

And be mindful the racist system benefits you on their backs.

In that context, what could you possibly say? That it's fucked up and wrong? No shit it's wrong. But if you're not directly affected, you can't say much more than that. Even if you heard it from a POC, point people to them, don't pretend to be enlightened and that you're doing a good thing for them, that's what colonialists do. You're silencing them to say your piece instead.

re: meta, racism 

There is one thing white people can do though and it is to draw attention to a little-known injustice from POC/ethnic groups that have low to no representation in the place they're at. But, that discussion without a POC voice to point to is incomplete at best. Otherwise, your perspective will always be second-hand, and no matter how good your intentions are, you're bound to get it wrong, or worse, sound like you're talking over someone who desperately needs a voice. Give them a megaphone, don't just read what they wrote and repeat it.

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