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So I decided to explain to someone why on Earth Christians in America hate the poor so much. The short answer is: no, it's not just you, they really do hate the poor. And it's woven into the fabric of American Evangelism. I have simplified things a great deal of course (and it's only this long because I've not had time to make it shorter), but this is is the jist of it.

American politics are so fucked and interwoven with religion, you need a treatise to unpack it.

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@Elizafox True, but it goes back a lot further than the 1950s. It's as old as the Puritans who landed Plymouth, which means it's older than the USA.

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Have you noticed the people who don’t want to help
refugees because we “have our own poor” also don’t
want to help our own poor?

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Elizabeth Harper Myers Why this is this way in America needs a
bit of explanation with religion.

Prosperity gospel, the idea that the only way you'll get ahead in
life is through God, permeates all of American life. With the
fourth Great Awakening, and unprecedented prosperity in
America, people correlated worship of God and perceived piety
as America's secret (America's actual secret was unions, a 70%
wealth tax, and being the main manufacturer for a destroyed
Europe and Japan). This is no coincidence. Evangelists pushed
prosperity gospel more and more, the same evangelists who
were getting rich off tithes people were sending in, and the
institutions they were creating in the process, such as
universities. The upper class in America of course had a huge
incentive to push prosperity gospel: most of America was already
hooked on religion, and prosperity gospel was an easy sell at the

So, this is how religion and the idea that God = prosperity
became a thing. And it's no accident that people *really* think
the way to Make America Great Again is through God. They see
Trump as their evangelist because that's what the other
evangelists have told them.

And of course, the wealthy, who are basically wed to the
Evangelical movement in America as they have been since the
fourth Great Awakening, have all the incentive and ability in the
world to push their awful doctrines and world views.

As time has gone on, the piety has become somewhat less
important. God fell by the wayside for *many* people, in fact. It
isn't about how pious you are now. It's about living the way they
tell you to, because that's the only path to prosperity, by turning
the clock back. Doesn't help that this is human nature, to believe
that if things have regressed, the appropriate course of action is
to do what you were doing before the regression, even though
that was what caused the regression in the first place.

Also doesn't help man has historically tended towards admiration
of leaders that line up with their views, often viewing them as
Godlike. As you can imagine, Trump ties in perfectly with
prosperity doctrine.

Oh man, sorry for the political/religious lesson Imfao

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@Elizafox If that FB post was reshareable, I'd totally reshare it. I think a lot of people need to hear that.

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