I wanna see someone try to key someone's car with a cheap Model 3 car key

@Elizafox Does Teslas even have car keys? I'd expect them to use a built-in Google Home or something. Or some mobile-phone activated garbage.

@loke they do

you got two options

1) a cheap really flimsy plastic card that is flimsier than a credit card

2) a chrome card

@Elizafox Let me guess, the chrome card version is a few hundred dollars?

@Elizafox @loke mama didn't raise no bitch, I didn't need that kidney anyway

@pea @Elizafox That's the spirit! You gotta do what you can to help prop that share price up!

@Elizafox Oh wow. I really used to want to get a Tesla, but while I still want to get an electric car, and probably will buy one at some point, a Tesla is not on my list anymore.

It's not about the cost (after all, I live in the country where cars are so expensive that people think I'm joking when I tell them). This is about the principle of it.

@kaniini @Elizafox Of course it is. Why am I not surprised at all?

This is, after all, the same company that thinks that touch screen controls is the best way to control things in the car while driving.

@Elizafox it’d basically be like scratching a car with a plastic credit card

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