hey, seattle: if you see these posters, please tear them down! AIM is a neo-nazi group responsible for incidents like charlottesville. they take like 5 seconds to tear down. thanks!!


@ceraneon It's worth saying: PLEASE be careful when you do.

I tear down infowars stickers and other assorted far-right propaganda in my town and they've often resorted to putting razor blades and broken glass behind the stickers to prevent their removal, or injure anyone who tries.

This is a well-known thing, unfortunately. If they're not doing it yet, they probably will eventually.

Just wear a good pair of gloves if possible.

@Elizafox @ceraneon if you don't have good gloves for doing so, carrying around a few antifa stickers and making sure they're on top of the amim stickers so they'd pull that off too might be good

@Elizafox @ceraneon Or just use a key to scratch it off, if no gloves are available.

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