@Elizafox The problem is even at that price point I don't know if anyone would bid.

"I'm not sure what I'd be getting here. Can you post a list of the product's features?" — "Uh... Corn."

@alexbuzzbee the main features are actually wheat and cows

also my polycule

@Elizafox That's less attractive, because at least corn runs the entire global food industry and can also be eaten directly. Wheat is used after processing by a limited sector of the industry. Same with cows.

@Elizafox Sorry about your girlfriends, but you're small fraction of even Oklahoma's population.

@Elizafox @alexbuzzbee It makes a fantastic hat for Texas. Your state would be lucky to have such a lovely hat.

@Elizafox come on, it's definitely worth more than that!

unless you move out...

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