@luciferMysticus @Elizafox now I'm been reminded of the high school sex ed pro-abstinence propaganda about how "if you have sex with someone, it's like having sex with everyone they've ever had sex with, as well as everyone that everyone they've ever had sex with had sex with, and so on"

@bhtooefr @luciferMysticus @Elizafox if you were indoctrinated by pro-abstinence, does that make you an incel?

(OK, I'll stop now)

@Elizafox that's radical polymerization for ya :3

(now i dare you to add a cross-linking agent :3 )

@CheshireEmber @Elizafox (wait, are metal oxides used as cross-linking agents?)

Copper-fire friend! You're the cross-linking agent! \:D/



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