why do polycules not have logos like towns and guilds and medieval royal families

@ben well now you've put it out there in the fediverse so it will totally be a thing now.

There may already be an official crest for @Elizafox @plausocks and @desvox :blobthinkingcool:

@msh @plausocks @Elizafox @ben ours is just a dented pizza pan covered in aluminum foil that elly stepped on when i gave them pizza for breakfast while they were in bed

@desvox @ben @plausocks @Elizafox officially...

"Upon an aluminium-guilded platform, a Catfox passant guardant, imperially crowned proper and holding in the dexter paw a Royal blue RJ45 terminated category 5e cable"


@msh @desvox @ben @plausocks The polycule motto:

in vino veritas

there is truth in wine

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