honestly it'd be better if everyone forgot about me

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@Elizafox I feel that way a lot (hence one reason for going on and off line so much ^^'' )

but you're great :'j

@Elizafox elly idk what brought on you saying this but please know that this is never true and you shouldn't feel that way

@SamanthaCayne I know I am

everyone has to put up with my depressed ass and my stupid feelings

no one deserves that

@Elizafox they put up with it because they love you and they care about you

@SamanthaCayne loving me is a mistake

I'll wind up hurting them in the end like everyone else

@Elizafox again this train of thought is fruitless because if they love you they care about you throigh the good and bad
@Elizafox nope people who love you do so endlessly because they enjoy having you around no matter what and they always want to help you
@Elizafox well they just weren't the ones for you but i can tell you that you currently have people that deeply care for and enjoy you
@Elizafox that's not true. You wouldn't be able to speak if that was the case
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