@Elizafox economists: deflationary markets can not, by definition, exist

computer people: what even are you saying

@sargoth @Elizafox Would the prices keep deflating if we stopped making better versions?

@stolas @Elizafox @sargoth It depends on why and how new, better parts aren't being produced.

This happened from about 2012 through 2016 or so, when Intel was slow-walking upgrades to their parts.

Enthusiasts held onto their old platforms as long as they still worked, so enthusiast-grade hardware didn't depreciate much.

Businesses, OTOH, kept their existing lifecycles in place, so nearly identical business-grade hardware depreciated hard.

@stolas @Elizafox @sargoth However, in that situation, you still had adequate supply of new parts (so nobody was specifically seeking out the old parts unless it was to keep an old machine running, and from what I saw, a failure was usually an excuse to get the slight improvement from an upgrade instead).

If Intel and AMD both went bankrupt, and that was why we didn't get new parts? You'd see skyrocketing prices even on old CPUs.

@stolas @Elizafox @sargoth Additionally, the market seems to assign disproportionate value to whatever the fastest part is for an obsolete platform, especially for mass market platforms.

People seem to place a lot of value on "maxing out" an older machine, and putting, say, a Core 2 Duo T9300 in an i965 laptop like a T61 isn't maxing it out, the T9500 is, so the T9300 is almost certainly much cheaper than the T9500 on the used market.

@stolas @Elizafox @sargoth (The same goes for other components - the largest standard modules for an obsolete standard like DDR2 tend to be disproportionately more expensive, the fastest GPU available for something like AGP or conventional PCI is disproportionately more expensive than one model down, etc., etc.)

@Elizafox we bought some old server processors a few months ago on ebay
original retail price: $900 for a set of two
price we paid on ebay: $9 for the same
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