It's funny how many people think plurality is a mental illness when even mainstream psychology focuses more on making a system work together than integration (which btw rarely works). As long as it doesn't interfere with functioning, it's fine.

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People just assume integrating a system is the answer and that it will result in one happy healthy person (it probably won't) or that it's all made-up shit (it's not) or some elaborate roleplay (tulpamancers sure but otherwise not really).

@Elizafox anything that enhances functionality categorically cannot be a disorder

@cadey I don't think plurality enhances my functionality any more than having extra roommates but it doesn't make it worse ๐Ÿคท

*/r/tulpa voice* but they can do things while you're doing other th-

@pea @Elizafox except this is literally what happens for me. There's been times I stopped paying attention to one of the girls for about an hour and when I poked her again she wanted to test an entire complicated code fragment/database schema. I can blink and miss changes to our shared mindscape. I might just be one of the weird ones tbh.

yeah, I wasn't trying to invalidate your shit, sorry mate

I was just trying to joke about people trying to achieve plurality so that they can use their headmates to do things they don't wanna do which is headass stupid

@pea @Elizafox it's all good, no harm done/offense taken. My experiences are apparently really rare/uncommon.

@cadey @pea My headmates get extremely pissed off and rebel when I try to pawn shit off on them or use them to get out of doing things I really don't want to do.

@Elizafox @pea The trick is learning how to make them have enough interest in doing the things you don't want to do that they do them for you.

@cadey @pea Basically Vanessa snitches on me to my partner(s), switch back abruptly, and I get chewed the fuck out (deservedly so).

@Elizafox @pea hahahaha your systemmates tell on you using your partner/s too? That's a mood.

@plausocks I acknowledge sometimes integrating an unstable personality is probably necessary and helpful, but blindly assuming it's always the answer is actively harmful.

@Elizafox @plausocks It's really regrettable when you do, but sometimes you really do need it.

@Elizafox honestly anyone who doesnt know this should really take a step back and read up on this...

its pretty clear that simply integrating persons in your system is not the solution for everything.

@plausocks @Elizafox news flash: single solution doesn't work for every case

@cadey @plausocks Just like in chemistry.

Sorry this is adjacent to a bad pun I'll show myself out.

@Elizafox it's shit like that that makes me not mention my plurality around places like work at all. I have enough reasons for people to think I'm weird.

I will say that when it comes to the human mind the barrier between elaborate roleplay and reality is extremely low

and as an extremely suggestible person and hypochondriac I'm probably allowed to make commends on that

@pea @Elizafox I've also seen cases where elaborate roleplay about tulpamancy has turned into actual tulpamancy. Those are hilarious to me. I wish that happened more often.

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