@SamanthaCayne yeah but it's an incompetent design and an incompetent implementation

@Elizafox IRC is pretty much the perfect chat protocol so idk what needs to be changed. There's a dearth of really good irc clients but xchat works fine for me.

@a_breakin_glass @Elizafox whaddya mean creaky! You can send text and receive text! What more does it need?

@a_breakin_glass Just put your files on your web server instead of a cloud you don't know! Or just DCC the file.

@a_breakin_glass I don't know, I mean, if you want to upload an image there's always framapic or something. If it's a bigger file, megaupload, idk.

@FimbulFlower @a_breakin_glass If your answer to a user's question is "run your own server", then you've failed a whole segment of users.

@SwooshyCueb Well I don't see how the IRC protocol could support voice chat. It's just text for the most part. I personally only use voice chat for extremely specific things so using mumble works fine for me.

@FimbulFlower problem is, if I'm gonna be able to convince all my friends to switch platforms again, it's gotta be a single platform that's got both

@FimbulFlower I tried IRC/XMPP and Mumble back in the day and the software was great, but like, nobody was willing to switch with me

@SwooshyCueb o ya, I just hope people don't go back to skype when discord dies.

That program is hell, still.

@Wolf480pl @SwooshyCueb @FimbulFlower @a_breakin_glass I have to say, thelounge.chat is a fantastic self hosted web based IRC client that's mobile friendly and I just wish more people were still using IRC @Elizafox

@a_breakin_glass @FimbulFlower XMPP: it's a great protocol, it just uses XML, a billion extensions no one actually implements, and all the clients suck ass

@Elizafox @FimbulFlower even hotter take: xmpp would be wonderful if it just used sexprs instead of XML :^)

@Elizafox Oh god I tried running a matrix server and it fucked itself somehow in less than two weeks and riot sucks so much ass (in a bad way). I want it to be good though. Like it's a great idea, but a poor implementation

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