It will never cease to piss me off how the polyamory community has almost no activism and so we still get looked at like black sheep


For real, poly people deserve basic fucking rights like:

* Inheritance
* Marriage and divorce
* Having multiple parents listed in vital records (birth parents and others raising the child)
* Not having child protective services visits or your kids taken away
* Adoption
* Society not assuming the default relationship configuration is two for life
* Letting all members of a polyamorous relationship visit you in hospital or pick kids up from school

Rights couples take for granted...

But polyamorists seem to prefer being closeted and get walked on like stairs. I fucking hate this closet. It's rubbish.

"But Eliza, with legal recognition comes complications"

We can sort that shit out, trust me.

We have bodies of law to build on already. Consider corporate and contract law. Marriage can be treated just like a merger. Divorce can be treated like a spin-out or liquidation.

It's... really not that hard.

Yeah it means legally speaking people will have to be really clear about who is who in a relationship and dealing with property and hierarchical relationships

But that's stuff mature polyamorists should already be handling

Like for real

If you get married, you should know what the hell that means. It means joint ownership of property. When you divorce, the law will divide your property equitably (in most jurisdictions nowadays).

That may mean complications during divorce. As if those don't already exist in polyamorous marriages that exist outside the legal system...


That's stuff people should be figuring out in the marriage contract, period.

@Aerdan Yeah but if they haven't I say do an equitable split as if all the parties were divorcing at once (excluding personal property)

If they wind up with not a whole lot, oh well

@Elizafox @anne Nah, they’re just a reeeeeeally close friend of the family, not ACTUAL family. That’d be ridiculous!

@anne As far as I'm concerned, Watson and Sherlock were fucking, and Mrs. Watson didn't care, as long as she got spit roasted every once in a while. @Elizafox

Wait read there a Mrs. Watson? I don't remember her. There was a Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper, but this was Edwardian England and servants were still a thing.

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